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Celebrating #WomenAtMazars

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Next in our Celebrating #WomenAtMazars series, we’re speaking to Beth Dodson-Wells, Director of Talent Acquisition and Development in the UK.

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Tell us about your journey to and within Mazars?

I started my career in HR working at NatWest head office and then Woolworth PLC and joined Mazars in 2003. I’ve had a variety of roles at Mazars, from HR Manager for what was then the Chilterns region, and being the HR advisor to the OMB Board, to projects such as implementing the HR system and project managing the offshoring of HR Services to our team in Delhi. I am now the lead on Talent Acquisition and Development.

What have been the enablers that have helped you get to where you are today?

A very supportive family, a willingness to work hard and learn and resilience.

Over your career who have been the people that have mentored or sponsored you? Why and how did they have an impact?

I’ve had a number of informal sponsors and mentors in my career. The best are encouraging but also challenging. I’ve learned that the best support doesn’t have to come from formal mentors or people more senior than you. Be open to learning from anyone. I learn from my team all the time and friends and colleagues like Fiona Revell – who is always supportive and helpful. My family keep me on the straight and narrow – helping me keeping things in perspective and giving me that all important balance.

Has Mazars been able to accommodate for your needs?

Six years ago we adopted two boys – I took a full year off (we needed it) and came back part time. This gave me an opportunity to do something different and develop new skills, both at home and work! I’ve been agile working ever since and work full time now.  I am trusted and supported at Mazars to manage my time as I need to. I’m very proud to be an adoptive mum and proud that I’m still developing myself at work at the same time.

How would others describe you at work?

Honest and approachable and usually have a smile on my face. Prepared to admit when I’m wrong. Having high standards and expectations of myself and others. Always looking to learn.

What advice would you give to other women for growing and progressing in this organisation/starting their careers?

Learn from as many people as you can, look for opportunities and be really proactive about your development. Be yourself.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your younger self?  What would you do differently?

Get some international experience early on, take a few more risks, be really single minded about your development.


Thanks to Beth for sharing her journey with us.

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