#WeAreMazars: an interview with Tejal

#WeAreMazars: an interview with Tejal

Fri 20 Jul 2018

In our first #WeareMazars interview, we spoke to partner Lindsay who shared his perspective on what Mazars can do to create a culture of inclusion, the advice he would give to the next generation of leaders and what Pride means to him.

This week we’re speaking to Tejal Bhogaita, a Corporate Assistant in the Tax Advisory team who is based in Milton Keynes.

Hi Tejal, can you tell us about your role at Mazars?

Since joining Mazars two years ago I’ve been exposed to a wide variety of work. Initially I worked in our private client team and I’ve now rotated into corporate tax. In addition to this, I’m a part of our applicant mentoring scheme and a point of contact within the Milton Keynes office as a pre-onboarding buddy for new joiners.     

How did you get started in the accountancy profession?

I completed a dual qualification in Masters of Accounting and Financial Management, and was part-qualified in chartered accountancy (ICAI) in India.

After getting married I moved to the UK, and decided to start studying for the ACA rather than completing my ICAI qualification and then converting to the ACA. So, I joined Mazars as an ACA graduate tax trainee, and later transitioned into a joint program for ACA/CTA.

How has living in different countries influenced you and your approach to work?

Having lived in three different countries (Oman, India and now the UK), I think one of my strongest qualities is agility – I easily adapt to new environments. This has helped me in developing friendships, and in adapting to various working styles within my team very quickly.

What do you think makes a good leader?

Leadership includes qualities like being a strategic thinker and influencer while remaining approachable. A good leader has the ability to encourage contributions in any form from all within the team to achieve a target. This is something for me to work on as I progress in my career.

What keeps you motivated you at work?

I believe problem solving motivates me the most. I usually apply this skill in advisory projects where I try to understand the client issue and its parameters, and develop solutions that fit within those parameters.

Of course, a focus on constant learning and improvement makes me what I am today. I believe in absorbing, learning and implementing the knowledge I gain and constantly seek feedback to improve. My ultimate motive is to exceed client expectations – internal or external.

Do you have any mottos that you live by?

One of the mottos that I try to live by is “each one, teach one”. Each person that I meet has something that I can learn from – be it professional or personal. This has helped me to develop my skills and remain open minded so that I can keep learning.

Can you tell us about a time when you really felt like you made a difference at work?

Well, there have been many significant moments, but the most memorable one was when in my first year, I suggested an idea for an advisory report which later developed into one of the options within our final advice. At the time, it felt novel to come up with such an idea despite being the junior most member of the team.

What advice would you give to those who are starting out in their careers?

I would say: know your goals and strengths. Take small steps. Challenge yourself when ready. Look back at your achievements; this will make you more confident. Keep improving!

Finally, what do you think Mazars can do to achieve greater gender parity, and more broadly, create a culture of inclusion for everyone in the firm?

I think gender parity can come from developing a mindset of acceptance and respect for diversity. Instilling these values will also help in eradicating cultural barriers, and breaking down stereotypes.


Thank you to Tejal for taking the time to speak to us.