#WomenAtMazars: Lara Brennan

#WomenAtMazars: Lara Brennan

Mon 16 Apr 2018


Celebrating #WomenatMazars – Lara Brennan

This week in our Celebrating #WomenAtMazars series, we’re joined by Lara Brennan, a Senior Manager from the Financial Outsourcing and Advisory team, based in Poole.

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Hi Lara, can you give us an insight into your career journey at Mazars?

I joined Mazars in 2004 and I started as a qualified AAT, aged 19. A few years later, I went on to complete my ACCA training contract in AOS and I’ve developed my career with client facing and national project roles.

I went on maternity leave to have my two children and now I’m a SNM, heading the team in Poole. In my current role, my focus is on delivering technology enabled solutions to SME’s through elev8.

What have been the enablers that have helped you to get to where you are today?

I would say a combination of my support network, my family and mentors, as well as my drive and passion.

What motivates you?

  • Innovation: I believe that ‘old ways won’t open new doors’.
  • Trust: I value relationships.
  • A healthy work-life balance – although I need to work at this!

In your career, who have been the people who mentored or sponsored you?

Toby Stanbrook (Partner) – he’s really supportive and has been a mentor to me, as well as an ear and a sounding board. I’ve learnt a lot from working with him over the last four years.

Sian Bryant (Executive Coaching) – she was my maternity coach and has been a great resource on exiting and transitioning back into the business.

What has been your most defining point in your career to date?

Returning to work full time as a mum of two. It’s something I’m really proud of – being able to develop my career whilst starting a family.

How do you think others would describe you?

Sunshine with a little hurricane! (Passionate and fun but determined to develop our offering and deliver the best service and solution to clients).

What would be your advice to other women for developing their careers at Mazars?

My advice would be to ask for help when you need it – it isn’t a sign of weakness. Also, take control of your own development as opportunities don’t just fall at your feet.

Knowing what you know now, is there anything that you would do differently?

Post qualification I’d have applied for a global mobility secondment to gain overseas experience or to develop further advisory skills.


Thanks to Lara for sharing her journey with us.

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